The Contract

  • Once you have found suitable tenants for your property, you must issue them with a list of requirements for new tenants.
  • When you are all on the same page about what you expect from the tenancy, you (the home owner) can download your rental contract here.
  • You must now decide whether the tenancy will be fixed (i.e. for a fixed period of time) or Periodic (a rolling contract for an indefinite period of time.) Remember to include this information along with agreed rental dates and costs in the contract.
  • As this agreement is legally binding, you should include the name of your solicitor on the contract.
  • If Penny is helping you out with the legal stuff, make sure you include Penny World AU as the solicitor on this page. The full address and details for Penny's legal services is:
  • Suite 3 781 Pacific Hway
    Chatswood NSW 2067
    Fax: +61282123489
  • After the contract has been signed by both parties, you must ensure that both you and your new tenant have a copy of the agreement.

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